Responsive CSS Card Design for Food App Using HTML/ CSS

responsive card design

Learn how to make beautiful CSS card design for the food app or food web app, All code is provided below, this tutorial can be followed by any beginner or intermediate just a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is Required HTML Code CSS Code

How to Make Rounded Image Corners in PhotoShop

Steps to Make Rounded Image Corners First Step is really simple create a canvas on PhotoShop. Place a Image on canvas in which you want to create rounded corners. After this choose a rounded rectangle shape and Place over the image (Adjust the roundness of that rectangle and fill it with color also make sure […]

How to Open Drawio File in Your System

What is Drawio File Extension Drawio file extension represents diagrams like flowcharts, ER diagrams, DFD’s data. Steps to Open Drawio file First, Go to the Website After that website will ask you too choose the method Google Drive, One Drive, Device. If you have drawio file inside Google Drive or One Drive Just simply […]

How to Unfriend Someone in PUBG Mobile 2020

What is Pubg PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. Steps to Unfriend Someone in Pubg Here are the Steps which are required to perform the task “Unfriending someone in Pubg” Login to your pubg account. Now, […]

Best Ways To Present Logo Design To Clients [Guide]

present logo to client

If you are a freelancer, student or some buddy who make logo’s then chances are 98% that you want to get hired or get job on bases of your logo designing skills or work. Getting jobs or clients as a logo designers are not that much easy but what if I tell you there is […]

Create Animated Navigation bar Menu Using CSS

animated navigation bar using css

Learn How to create animated navigation bar menu using CSS. This tutorial can be followed by any beginner who has knowledge of Basic HTML and CSS. Video tutorial along with code is provided to you below. Code More HTML and CSS Designs With Code and Tutorials Responsive Landing Page Design Using HTML and CSS Only […]

C++ Program for Animated Traffic Light Signal

traffic light program in c++

Here you will learn about how to create c++ program for animated traffic light signal, Its very easy to create you just need some knowledge of basic C++ graphics if you don’t have any knowledge of it and wanna to learn them don’t worry we have covered all the topics of c++ graphics you can […]

[2020] How to Install Kali Linux in Windows 10 Virtual Machine


Its very easy to download and install kali linux into your windows 10 virtual machine, So lets get start with this yeah. before you read this whole article let me tell you one thing i have created on this topic too so you can also watch video if you wanted. Now the first step of […]

Responsive Image Gallery Using CSS

responsive image gallery

Learn how to create responsive image gallery by using css only, here in this articles i have shared a tutorial video with you guys so you can also learn it easily if you don’t understand the code. Code of the responsive image gallery is provided below, it uses flex box properties so if you are […]

Responsive Landing Page Using HTML CSS

Responsive Landing Page Using HTML, CSS

Learn how to create responsive landing page design using html and css only, this design can be created by anyone who has knowledge of html and css (In case of css you must know what is Flexbox and Grid if you don’t know these topics still their is no problem you can follow my css […]