Amazon Website Re Design Project 2020

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Previously i designed amazon app concept which was my first time creating concept app design or video. That design got lot of love and support on social media but still it required lots of improvements but than i though lets do something else and than. Check the Amazon App Concept Video

This time I have created new design for the amazon website, why i created new design for the amazon ? because the present one (2020) is very old and seems very bad and also provides bad user experience so i thought lets make new UI Design.

I re designed 4 web pages of amazon, which are Home page, Profile Page, Product Page, Search Page. During designing these pages my main motive was not to 100% change the whole website, the main motive was just to simplify the website and provide good user interface.

Below I have shared all the designs and few of the pages are also live on my website so you can also experience them link of them are also given below and don’t forget to watch the video of the design okay.

Amazon website Re Design

Profile Page is Live available Please Check here –

Profile Page Re design
Search Page Re Design
Product Page Re Design
Home Page Re Design
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