9 Best Web Development Books in India [2022]

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Okay, Buddies so finally you decided to have a book to learn web development. I will help you in picking up the right book to learn web development in an easy and smooth way. First, let me tell who the hell I am and how I can help you with this, My name is Rajeev and I am a web designer/ developer with 2+ years of experience, I also teach Web designing on YouTube so you can check out my channel to know more about me.

but now our main focus will be on knowing which book is for you my dear friend, so let’s get started now yeah. now below I have mentioned all the books which are really good books for you to start learning web development, these books will cover basic concepts and advance concepts too, don’t worry I will explain in brief below okay.

Before I start mentioning Books names I will suggest you Check out HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials created by me may those tutorials will help you the link of the channel is here – Watch on YouTube (Videos are in the Hindi Language sorry for English speakers actually I wanted to make English tutorials too but there are already lots of English tutorials so I thought to create Hindi ones.)

Now Here we go these are the some of the best books to learn web development for beginner’s and intermediate’s.

Book Name For Price
Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Beginners Check the Price
HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites Beginners Check the Price
Head First HTML and CSS : A Learner’s Guide Beginners Check the Price
HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference Beginners Check the Price
Eloquent JavaScript Beginners, Intermediate Check the Price
Head First JavaScript Programming Beginners Check the Price
PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites Beginners Check the Price
Python Crash Course Beginners Check the Price
Learn Python 3 the Hard Way Beginners, Intermediate Check the Price
These are the some of the Best Books to Learn web development/ coding

Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery for Web Development

These two books are really amazing to start learning web development. The first book is about HTML and CSS and the second one is about JavaScript and Jquery. In this book everything is represented and explained beautifully, Both of the books are great for beginners. If you are someone who never created a single web page or even hasn’t used any programming language and has zero knowledge about programming and web development than these two books are your real buddies. personally I also have these two books and I love both of them because of quality content.

  • Great for absolute beginners.
  • Quality Pages, Content, Build of Book.
  • Great reviews on all the shopping websites.
  • Recommended by most of the developers to beginners.
  • For Web development Learning Only. (No Hard Coding, No Algorithms)

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

This is the same book which I mentioned previously, but this one is just about HTML and CSS if you are someone who just wanted to have HTML and CSS book than you can have it single book too. It has some cons and pros which we have discussed previously okay. It’s just that this book is all about HTML and CSS, No JavaScript.

Head First HTML and CSS : A Learner’s Guide for web development

This book is one of the best books to start learning HTML and CSS. It has content about HTML, CSS only. It covers all the basic and Advance topics regarding HTML and CSS. It has amazing reviews too on amazon so you can check out those reviews. It is not just popular in India but this book also very popular Internationally. It comes in Kindle Edition too so you can have this book on your devices too.

  • Good for Learning HTML, CSS.
  • Good for Beginners.
  • Has great reviews.
  • Kindle Edition also available.
  • Covers basic and Advance concept.

HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference

This book is a great tool to have because it contains information about all the tags inside it. It covers HTML and CSS concepts and also provides details of tags, properties that are used in HTML, CSS. It also covers HTML5 concepts so Its really great book to have in your table. It comes in Kindle Edition too.

  • Good for beginners.
  • Covers HTML5.
  • Available in Kindle.
  • Covers HTML and CSS both.
  • 5th Edition. (refreshed one)
  • Has good reviews also.

Eloquent JavaScript for web development

I am sure some people are really into web programming. As we know the best language for web programming is JavaScript why? Because new frameworks like React and Vue uses JavaScript even Angular can also use JavaScript. So it is very important to learn JavaScript if you wanted or willing to learn these frameworks also. This book covers all about JavaScript and It is one of the most popular books in programmers to start learning JavaScript. It is not just for the beginners Intermediate can also have this book Its truly and value for money book. If you don’t believe me just search online about it over any platform.

  • Great book for beginners, intermediates.
  • Quality Content.
  • Great reviews.
  • Available in Kindle too.

Head First JavaScript Programming

This book is a great guide for JavaScript programming but still not better than the Eloquent JavaScript according to me, but I will suggest this book too the simple reason is pricing Eloquent JavaScript is really a costly book so that why I mentioned this book here. having a lower cost than Eloquent JavaScript doesn’t mean this book is not good its really a good book about JavaScript and It also has good reviews you can have a look at reviews if you don’t trust me, buddy.

  • Good for Beginners.
  • Has quality Content.
  • Available in Kindle.
  • Has good reviews online.
  • Friendly Book for Beginners.

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Websites development

Lots of you also wanted to make some cool applications from which you can get data, send data to database, upload images all that stuff, yeah, this stuff is really cool and I am sure you wanted to learn it. If you are someone who is interested in learning PHP and MySQL to do all these things then this book is a way to learn. This book will teach you how to create dynamic web pages in an easy and best way.

  • Great Book for PHP and MySQL Learners.
  • Great Book to start with Dynamic web pages Using PHP and MySQL.
  • Good for Beginners.
  • Available in Kindle.
  • Has Great Reviews.
  • Very Very Affordable book.

Python Crash Course

Okay, this book is not related to web development but still, python is one of the future languages how ? because it can be used to create web applications, Machine learning programs, used in data science, used in operating systems, desktop application more and multinational companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, are using it so this language is one of the ways to increase your job opportunities in future and present, So try to learn it too a good programmer or developer never has just one tool they have multiple tools make this tool one of your tool.

Now lets just talk about this book, Python can be used for web development too that’s why i mentioned this book, Python has framework like Django which is use to create web application so if you wanted to make web applications.

  • Book has really great content.
  • Quality book.
  • Great reviews.
  • Available in Kindle.

Learn Python 3 the Hard Way

This is one of the best books to learn python in a hard way, yes you heard right in a hard way. This book will teach you python in a task manner, It has various questions on it which you have to solve to get better understanding of Python, and personally I also own this book. It’s one of the best way to learn Python.

  • Good for Beginners and Intermediate.
  • Challenging.
  • It has great reviews.
  • Available in Kindle.


All the Books Which I have mentioned above are really quality Books in there departments, so feel free to pick any of them just make sure you choose right department book for your self If you wanted to learn Python pick a Python one If wanted to learn JavaScript pick JavaScript book but make sure first you know what you really wanted to do and how you wanted to do it Costly in case of Back End programming. In the case of Front end development the truth is you need HTML, CSS, JavaScript without them you can’t become a front end developer. Now if you don’t know what is back end developer and front end developer don’t worry I have guide of it also check on YouTube Channel link will be in the navigation bar or I will provide you the link. now good luck with your future okay work hard and regularly.

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