C++ Program to Reverse Any Given Number Using Loop

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Reverse Any Number

This Program is Written in C++.

This Program is use to reverse any number.

Example: If the user will type 12345 then this program will reverse this value and you will get 54321 as a result.

This Program is written in C++ but Logic of this program can be implemented with the help of other languages too example C Language, C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript etc.

Code :

Output :



//write a program to reverse a Given Number ?


using namespace std;

 int n;
 int rev = 0;
 cout << "Enter a Number which you want to reverse : ";
 cin >> n;
 int temp = n;
 while( temp != 0)
  rev = rev * 10;
  rev = rev + temp%10;
  temp = temp/10;
 cout << "The Reverse of " << n << " is : " << rev;

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