Create Smooth Scrolling Effect Using CSS and HTML Only

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Learn How to Create Smooth Scrolling Effect Using CSS and HTML.

To Create that Smooth Scrolling Effect, We will Use scroll-behavior property.

This tutorial can be followed by any Beginner very easily.


Code :

Result :


<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>Scrolling Effect Using CSS</title>
<style type="text/css">
 padding: 0px;
 margin: 0px;

 scroll-behavior: smooth;

 background-color: #0000002e;
 position: fixed;
 width: 100%;

nav ul{
 text-align: center;

nav ul a li{
 display: inline-block;
 padding: 30px;
 color: white;
 transition: .2s;

 background-color: white;
 color: black;

 height: 750px;

 background-color: red;

 background-color: tomato;

 background-color: orange;

 background-color: purple;

 background-color: pink;


   <a href="#section-1">
<li>Section 1</li>
   <a href="#section-2">
<li>Section 2</li>
   <a href="#section-3">
<li>Section 3</li>
   <a href="#section-4">
<li>Section 4</li>
   <a href="#section-5">
<li>Section 5</li>

 <div class="container">
  <div id="section-1" class="section section-1">
<div id="section-2" class="section section-2">
<div id="section-3" class="section section-3">
<div id="section-4" class="section section-4">
<div id="section-5" class="section section-5">

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