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There are lots of websites from where you can download blogger themes for free one of them are given below.
These sites are not arranged in the ranking order, these are just arranged in random order.

Goyaabi Templatesvisit website

Goyaabi Templates

Goyaabli Provides templates for Blogger and WordPress. You can get free templates as well as Paid templates.

Colorlib visit website


Colorlib provides you beautiful landing pages and templates for blogs. You can download templates for Blogger and WordPress. Colorlib provides free and premium templates.

BTemplates – visit website


BTemplates is a very popular website for Blogger/Blogspot themes. You can download templates for a blogger/Blogspot for free of cost.

CSS Author – visit website

CSS Author

CSS Author is a very popular website and it provides templates for WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, and other CMS platforms. You can also learn to code in CSS Authur. This site contains lots of resources.

Copy Blogger Themes visit website

Copy Blogger Themes

Copy Blogger Themes are very popular themes among those who use Blogger/Blogspot for their Blog. Copy Blogger Themes provides free templates.

Envato market – visit website

Envato market

Envato is a very popular website and it is a very large site to explore. You can download Blogger templates from Envato too premium as well as Free templates.

Sora Templates – visit website

Sora Templates

Sora Templates are also very popular you can make custom templates for your blog (Custom templates includes charges). It also provides free templates.

My Blogger Templates visit website

My Blogger Templates

My Blogger Templates is also a very popular website to download free blogger themes. You can download themes for different types of blogs. Example – Themes for Health blog, Themes for Educational Blogs, Themes for News Blogs.

Design Crazed – visit website

Design Crazed

Design Crazed is a really Good website. It provides you Graphics, Images, templates to Download.(Some of Graphics and Templates may include charges)

Pro Template Labs – visit website

Pro Template labs

Pro Templates Labs provides lots of good templates. You can choose templates according to your need. It also allows users to submit their templates.

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