How to Create Temporary Email Address to Verify your accounts

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Creating temporary email account is not that tough you think its very easy to to do you only need to follow some steps to create a temporary email account.

why ? we will create temporary account why we need it ? Some times we need email to verify identity on website’s which we want to test or use we use temporary email account to get verified on website to use it.

Steps to Create a Temporary email :-

Step 1 :-  Go to Website which provides you a service to create temporary account.  is website which allows you to create temporary email.

Step 2 :- Verify your self by giving Answer on security solution or click on check box.

this is a security check to check that you are a human or ROBOT,after giving the answer you will get blue color tick on the check box.

Now click on the “GET EMAIL”.

Step 3 :- Congrats you have created an temporary email now you can use this email in any website to verify you ID. is a Temporary email which we have Generated.

Watch a video to know how we use this email to verify accounts in websites like Facebook, Twitter ,google or any one else – Check out the video here !!!

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