How to Design and Create Text Logo in Photoshop

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How to create a text logo ,it’s really easy to do…..Just follow the few steps and yeah you are ready to rock.

Study read educate official logo

Create Amazing Logo’s and better logos then this one learn how to do it first and do your own creativity in photoshop and i am sure you gonna rock this time.

Steps to create a same logo as i created in photoshop :

Step 1 – Open Photoshop.

Step 2 – Go to the “File” or “Ctrl + n”,Now select the height and width of the document and choose the background. Click on OK (In my case i have select 8Cm both height and width ,White Background)

Step 3 – Now background is ready ,Choose the “TEXT TOOL” after selecting it click on the background and now you are able to write on it, Write the text which you want to show on logo,you can edit the font size and font family from top of menu after all this done align the text properly in background. (Double click on side and you are done with it)

Step 4 – Now you can give text any color but in this case we will give text image colors ok so to do this we need image with lots of good colors ok (here is the Image you can use this if you want or search over internet or use your own) Go to “File” and Click on “Place” Select the image. (Adjust it and Click on the Tick Marks on the top of menu)

Background by
Download Background Image – Download Image from Web

Step 5 – Everything is done now you have 3 Layers ,Make sure your colored background Layer is in the top then text Layer is present ok, now “right click” on the color background and choose “create clipping mask” now it’s done background color in shifted in the text.

(How to save image background as transparent image (.PNG) ,What is transparent image in detail)

Step 6 – Save and image and its done if you want transparent image in background of text then click on the white background layer and delete it automatically you will get transparent background why ? because you don’t have now background and yeah make sure to save transparent picture as a .PNG.

Tips :

Hello guys i am giving you some tips here what we created above is all simple things if you want to make more cool and amazing text Logo’s than i will suggest you to implement other technique with this same technique one of the amazing technique is “dispersion effect” so you can also implement it with all these steps which we learned above ok here are the Post for you for “Dispersion Effect”.

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