How To Get Organic Traffic in Blog through Search Engines – Google ,Yahoo ,Bing ,Yandex

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Having a Blog with no traffic is worthless if you are interested in making money to make money through your Blog Posts you need traffic not an ordinary from Social Media’s but a traffic from a Managing King of the Internet which are called Search Engine.

How to get organic traffic through search engines
How to get Organic through Search engine
If any Blog has a traffic from Search Engines it means Blog is growing good and generating good income, you may also make money through sharing Links in social media and then be getting traffic in your blog through the Links which you provided on social media but this will be one time traffic not a regular.
Search Engine Provides you, regular viewers.
Why Organic Traffic or Search Engine Appearance Is Need for Getting Traffic?
  • If someone Search for “How to enable Javascript” in Search Engine then it will show only a “How to enable Javascript” Related Results and Website which having a Good Content on it will appear on Top and all the Users will click on that Website so to get a traffic in Blog Posts. we require our blog posts onto the top of Search Engine.
How to enable javascript results on search engine
Traffic stats for How to enable Javascript
How to Get Your Blog Posts Over Search Engines:
Write a Simple and Attractive title – Viewers Click as Quick as possible if they saw a Simple title which has to mean and contains what they want to see, to create this kind of title make sure of all these things :
  • Use Keyword in Your Title at least 2 or 3 Keywords ,Don’t write to much Keywords keep it simple example : “What are advantages of Internet” This title contains 2 Keywords but it is very common title and will be used by lots of  authors which means chances of appearing your blog post is less so make it Unique and add a word in it which has same or similar meaning like “What are Benefits and Uses of Internet” So make your title Simple (Google Provides over 45 character space for Title So you have good amount of space for title on search engine)
Content is King – “Having a Great structure of Shop may attract the people and it will also encourage them to come to the show but if Shop doesn’t have a good Products People will never come to your Shop” this is a same in a case of Search Engine.
Search Engine’s looks for your content there are different ways how Search Engines know about your content (Yahoo and Google both are search engines but they have different algorithms to determine the content on the blog)
If you have a great content then no one can stop you and any search engine can’t ignore you.
During writing a content focus on these things :
  • Write More no limit of words ,Write everything you can write about your topic but write meaningful content (Google Loves those websites which contain more text in meaningful form) If you think this is not true than here is the answer Search for “Advantages of Xampp” it will show this Post Advantages of Xampp on Google Front Page this Post belong to Us.
  • Google may Love text content but Users are more important for Google and Users Love Graphics, Users like the information if it is in a form of stats (Charts .Graphs etc) if your content can contain stats then create stats for it because Google /Yahoo /Bing any search engine loves what users love.
  • Add Images, Videos make a Great Content.
  • Add Big “Text in headings” and Add Small “Text in Content” Edit your content give it  Background Colors, Give colors to your text Do everything for your content to make it great.
  • Use Keywords in your Content don’t write only a Keywords use keywords in write places focus on 2 or 3 Keywords don’t make whole Post only using keywords.
Keywords – What is a Keyword “A keyword, in the context of search engine optimization, is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. Keywords form part of a Web page’s metadata and help search engines match a page to with an appropriate search query.”
keyword tool
Keyword tool
  • Use Keywords in Meta-tags.
  • Use Keyword Tools to find the Most trendy and Searched Keywords.
  • Use Keywords in the title.
  • Use Keywords in Content.
  • Use Keywords in Image ALT text.
Create Custom Link – if you will write custom Link then you can add keyword on Link you can even make you post link readable and easy to remember for users Example this URL /Link is not easy to read and remember but if we will make custom link then we can make it like this which is more easy to remember as compared to first one.
Custom Links ,Create Custom Links
Create Custom Links

Backlinks – What is Backlink – an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.
Why Backlink is important? The backline is very much needed if you just started blogging it is the most powerful way to Rank your content high in Search Engine.
  • The backline is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.
  • Backlink it is just a simple link which is on others website.(If someone has content and in his content, he has to tell people what is SEO then what he can do he can give your website link on his Post which will be referred as Backlink)
  • Say to other bloggers to include your blog post link on their posts it will help you to rank high on a search engine and you can also give their links on your website.
Design – Create a Simple and Attractive Blog design focus on all these things: How to Create SEO Friendly design –
  • Simple and Attractive.
  • SEO friendly
  • Content Friendly.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Fonts Family and Font Size.
  • Image Size.
  • Navigation Bar.
  • Background Colors and Text Colors should be Friendly to Eyes.
Social Media – Do Social Media Promotions Share your content over social media and ask your friends to Share your Content on their Profiles and tag your Friends.
Use Google Plus ,Facebook ,Twitter ,Reddit ,VK ,Stumbleupon etc.
Avoid Illegal Ways – Don’t do anything wrong and don’t take fake traffic if Search Engine detects something wrong with your website it will block you and then your website will never gonna be on the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Don’t use any website which says they will provide you traffic.
  • If any website says this check it first learns about it and ask other users about it then use the website.
Make Your Visitors Re-Visitors – If you are getting Views from Search Engines it is good but now what is next now they will see your content and after this, they will go from your website so it will be great for you and for your visitors if they will become your regular visitors.
How you can make them regular visitors :
follow links ,social links ,email via
Social Links
  • Give your Social Links.
  • Provide them Email Via option.
  • Provide them Follow Option.
  • Provide Contact Forms.
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