[2020] How to Install Kali Linux in Windows 10 Virtual Machine

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Video tutorial

Its very easy to download and install kali linux into your windows 10 virtual machine, So lets get start with this yeah. before you read this whole article let me tell you one thing i have created on this topic too so you can also watch video if you wanted.

Now the first step of installing kali linux into your virtual machine will be to have a kali linux step, we will use kali linux ISO file okay for the installation, go to official website of kali linux to download it or you can also use button which i have provided for you to download kali linux this button will take you to the kali linux download page.

Tip : Make sure you download proper version for your system example if your system is 32 Bit than only download 32 Bit if you will use 64 Bit version it will cause problems or it will not going to run okay, so if you are having 32 bit version than just go for the 32 Bit ISO file. If you have 64 Bit version system than its great because you can run both versions 32 Bit as well as 64 Bit.

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