My experience on – Install Lubuntu !!! Is Best for Pentium 4 Processor ? 1GB /2GB RAM ?

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I have HP Computer ,it is very old computer system and it have a great specification of that old time but for now days it is not able to do anything may Windows XP works on it but software’s not at all Chrome ,firefox are slower on it ,Microsoft stopped making patches for it and it has 2GB RAM now days Phone’s have 6GB RAM and my computer still have have a 2GB RAM but it’s still a KING of that golden time but it’s slow now so only one thing can make it perfect “An operating System which requires less RAM ,less processor” so i have selected Ubuntu first i install it but their are lots of problems why ? because it has low graphic card and Ubuntu has a lots of graphics so first try with Ubuntu is failed then i tried to Install Zorin OS but it stucked during installation during installing Zorin OS i only seen 2 things a Black background and Zorin logo and nothing in last i selected two OS Linux Mint and Lubuntu i have listened a lot about Linux Mint so i thought let’s try it now but i selected lubuntu don’t know why but i selected it.

Installation of Lubuntu in Intel Pentium 4 Computer System

Here is a graph which tells you how many users suggested Linux mint and Lubuntu

linux mint and lubuntu ratio
linux mint and lubuntu ratio

their are lots of Linux mint users over Lubuntu but i selected Lubuntu soon i will try Linux Mint on Same computer and i will tell you guys which is really good for the Pentium 4 Computer Systems.

Tells Talk about my Lubuntu Experience (Ratings)

Lubuntu VS Windows
Lubuntu VS Windows

Here i compared it with windows 7 i have used windows 7 on this system from very long time so i thought let’s compare it with lubuntu.

if you have great hardware then no doubts Windows 7 is KING but in this case we have computer system which does not have any good hardware on it.

Lets see the main difference on both graphics are totally showing what i want to say –

  • Installation for both OS are very easy.
  • Graphics windows is a winner in it.
  • performance windows has lots of graphics and Runs Applications (Heavy) this affects it’s performance and make it down.
  • Speed winner is Lubuntu on this system.
  • Applications winner is windows ,large number of applications are available for windows.
Overall Lubuntu is winner why ? It does not matter how good graphics or Applications you provide only one thing matter when it’s comes to OS it is Performance (Lubuntu done very well on this) i don’t know what you guys think tell me your views on this in comment section.
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