9 Best Web Development Books in India [2021]

best web development books

Okay, Buddies so finally you decided to have a book to learn web development. I will help you in picking up the right book to learn web development in an easy and smooth way. First, let me tell who the hell I am and how I can help you with this, My name is Rajeev […]

Digital Clock Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript 2020

digital clock using javascript

This tutorial will teach you how to create digital clock using html,css and javascript. The design of digital clock is created by using css and it follows the neomorphism design. Any beginner can follow this tutorial easily even if you just started learning html, css and javascript. If you wanted to learn neomorphism design, I […]

Amazon Website Re Design Project 2020

amazon concept design

Previously i designed amazon app concept which was my first time creating concept app design or video. That design got lot of love and support on social media but still it required lots of improvements but than i though lets do something else and than. Check the Amazon App Concept Video This time I have […]

Web Page Design using CSS Flexbox with Code

Web design using css flexbox

Learn how to make this design using css flexbox, its very easy to create this one if you know basics of css flexbox. This video can be followed by any beginner or intermediate, code is available. If you don’t know CSS flexbox please check this tutorial – Click Here For Learning more design Check out […]

CSS Card Design Tutorial with Code

Learn how to make css card design using html and css, this tutorial can be followed by any buddy who has basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. If you don’t have knowledge of HTML and CSS you can check out my HTML and CSS tutorials on YouTube. Code for CSS Card Design More HTML and […]

CSS Toggle/ Switch Design Code and Tutorial

CSS Toggles Toggle Switch Using CSS, Toggle Switches are very popular When Its comes to designing them but most of the beginners found it tough but truth is  Creating Toggles are very Easy you just need to under the concept or working of it that’s all after this you can create your own creative toggles […]

Simple Colorful Cards Using CSS for Beginners

Cards Using CSS These Cards are very easy to Create Any Beginner can create these cards and these Cards are really good for practicing CSS Cards Because from these cards you can understand what the best way to represent data and also going to help in developing CSS Skills.             […]