Tips to Promote Eye health among Childrens

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Tips to Promote Eye health among Childrens
Tips to Promote Eye health among Childrens

Everyone Loves the Camera’s and we can buy it in any affordable Price but their is camera which cannot be Buyed it’s called Human Eye ,Yeah Humans has an Inbuilt Camera which is know as Eyes without eyes we even can’t see through Mechanical Camera’s even can’t see anything these days technology is increasing we have 3D Movies ,VR Glasses and more which may affect our body and body Parts.

These days childrens are very much attracted to Phones and Cool gadgets it’s good to use the gadgets but childrens don’t care about their health and eyes protection and they also don’t know their limits So here are the some “Tips to Promote Eye health among Childrens”.

  • Conduct Eye Care programs – To Promote a Eye care among the Children we should conduct eye care programs in schools ,colleges this will aware them from all the problems they can face in future.

  • Conduct Eye Check Programs – To Promote Eye care among the children. we should conduct eye check programs this will also aware them and will provide knowledge about eyes health.

  • Cartoon Characters – Childrens Loves the Cartoon characters and they listen them carefully may this seems silly but it’s a one of the coolest and best way to Promote Eyes health among the children even big kids also like the cartoons ,they will try to click the photos with the characters and they will publish this over the social media’s means we will get free promotion over internet also.

  • Blind Childrens Show’s – We should conduct blind children’s show like Dance ,Singing etc this will also promote the eyes health among children and All the Blind Childrens will get some new experience they will interact with others through these activities and they can also share their feelings what problems they face ,what they wanted to do ,what are their goals this will give a positive energy in whole audience.

This is all what we can do to promote a Eyes health care among the children there are also many ways to Promote Eyes Health like Investing Money Online ,Investing Money in Posters all these ways can be seen but it can’t touch the hearts so these are the “Tips to Promote Eye Health among the Children’s”.

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