What type of content gets a High CPM on YouTube

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CPM stands for Cost Per Impression. Higher the CPM Higher the Earnings will be.

There are various factors in which CPM depends like:

  • How many views you are getting.
  • From which country you are getting views.
  • What type of content do you make.

There could be a more factors but these are very important and main ones lets discuss them one by one.

Suppose if you are getting views in millions but from countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh then your earning will be low why ? because all these countries have bad GDP, Having a bad GDP results in low earnings, So to get high earnings you must get views from countries which have high GDP.

Some countries with good GDP are United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada etc. I have provided you list of countries with Good and Bad GDP below.

Now one more thing i also said it depends upon “What type of content do you make” If you make tech videos your earning will be more because there are lot of tech companies. example suppose there is a channel who make prank videos and company wanted to show case there new phone on ads in this case they will not going to choose prank or fashion channel because these channels doesn’t matches with companies product instead of these channel company will show ads on tech channel which do unboxing of smart phones.

But don’t be upset don’t think that only tech channel get high earning ,you can have different category channel too each category has potential number of companies which will allow you to earn for sure.


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