What is Blogging and Why people do blogging ?

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What is Blogging?

Writing content or creating content in form of text, images, video etc and sharing of this content over Blog or website it called Blogging.
Blogging is not just for sharing information about product or service, blogging is about sharing your life, information, education, technology etc… in a form of content (Text, Video, Image etc) with anyone else over the internet.

What is Blog?

A blog (“weblog”) is an online informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where writers or content creators share their thoughts, ideas, views, information.

Why people do Blogging?

There are various reasons why people do Blogging. Why they have time to write content in this busy world for others over the internet.
To Start Making Money – Yes, if you do Blogging you can start earning money through your blog but how can you make money? by advertisements, yes just like TV shows you can show live ads on your Blog Posts (Content) from which you can start earning online money. There are different platforms on the internet which allows you to show ads on your website/Blog. example – google Adsense ads, Amazon associates, Media.net etc.
To Start Sharing Knowledge – There are a thousand numbers of bloggers who daily writes valuable content on their Blogs to share information and their knowledge with others. Blogging is a perfect way of sharing information with everyone over the internet.
Self Promotion – Blogging is the best way to do self-promotion. If you are good in cooking, sports, technology etc. Create your own blog and start sharing your knowledge this will help you in getting popular.
To Start connecting with other’s – Blogging is a great way of meeting new people online. You can share your views, thoughts on the particular topic with anyone over the internet.
To Create Online Portfolio –  If you are Designer or programmer etc.  You can start sharing your knowledge on Blog. This will help you in getting Job in future.

How to start blogging?

There are different platforms which allow you to create a blog. Each platform is very different from each other. Some platforms are totally 100% free to use and some are paid. Most popular blogging Platforms are WordPress.org, Blogger.com, WordPress.com.
To create your own Blog, you need to signup in one of these platforms. After this, you will be able to create your own Blog.
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