Which Blogging Platform Should You Use ?

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Blogging platforms
There are lots of Blogging Platforms over the internet which allows you to create Blog. Example WordPress.com, blogger.com, WordPress.org, Tumblr, Joomla, Wix etc. Here we will not talk about all these blogging platforms. We will talk about three most popular blogging platforms, which you can use to create your Blog.
The most popular and most used blogging platforms are WordPress.com, Blogger, and WordPress.org. Each platform is different from each other and has its own advantages and Disadvantages.
But Here we will also not going to talk about advantages and Disadvantages of these platforms. We will talk about our topic which is “Which Blogging Platform Should You Use” why we are doing this? Because advantages and disadvantages can’t help you in selecting your Blogging platform So we will discuss what will happen if your Blog is in WordPress.com, Blogger or WordPress.org.

Having a Blog in WordPress.com

If you have a Blog in WordPress.com. Then you don’t need to buy hosting and domain. Hosting will be handled by wordpress.com and you will get subdomain example – sitename.wordpress.com, But WordPress allows you to use custom domain too but for this, you need to upgrade your Blog. Upgrading your blog from free to personal or premium or business site will go to cost you because wordpress.com is not free. Even if you wanted features like custom domain, Removed ads, monetize your site, Advance design customization etc, then you have to pay for this.
If you wanted to earn money from your wordpress.com site than you can’t use the free and personal site. To start earning money from wordpress.com. You need to upgrade to premium or business site after this you will be able to start earning. Even after upgrading to premium or business blog you can’t use Google Adsense ads or other advertising platforms because wordpress.com only allows “wordads” in wordpress.com sites.
WordPress.com sites are not totally owned by users, which means you are not the owner of the site even after upgrading to personal, premium or business site. You have to work in terms and conditions of wordpress.com. If you do anything against the terms and conditions of wordpress.com they can delete your site at any time, without notifying you.
So when should you use wordpress.com as your Blogging platform :
If you are a beginner and wanted to experience and learn basics of blogging you can create your site in wordpress.com.
If you wanted to create a personal blog. Where you wanted to share your knowledge, experience, Your daily life wordpress.com is the best place for you.
If you have any shop like electronic shop, clothing shop, any other product shop etc. You can create your shop site in wordpress.com. It is very easy to create a shopping website for beginners and experts if you are using wordpress.com.
Disadvantages of wordpress.com :
You don’t have full control over your website even after buying premium or business plans. WordPress.com can delete your website if you did anything wrong against their terms and conditions.
It comes with various plans for different types of websites. Which is a really good thing, but the cost and plans are really very bad for those users who wanted to share information and wanted to have full control over their site/blog.
You can’t use other advertising platforms like Google Adsense, Media.net etc. Only Wordads are allowed to use in wordpress.com sites.

Having a Blog in Blogger.com

If you have a blog in blogger.com. You don’t need to buy hosting and domain for your Blog because it is a cloud-based blogging platform. You don’t need to worry about storage because you will get above 10GB storage by connecting your account with Google photos (You can also buy extra storage). In Blogger, you will get subdomain example – blogname.blogspot.com. You can also use custom domain example – blogname.com, blogname.org, blog name.in etc. To use a custom domain for your blog. You don’t need to pay anything or need to buy a plan, you can use a custom domain for free (You need to buy domain your own self after this you can connect that domain with your blog).
Blogger is free to use and it is a Google product, which means it is trusted product. Each and every feature in Blogger.com is free to use. You don’t need to pay for anything in blogger.com. It is used by thousand numbers of Bloggers. Anyone who wanted to earn online money with blogging and has zero money to invest in it starts with blogger.
Blogger.com allows you to show Google Adsense. You can also use other ad platforms with blogger but make sure the ad platform which you are using follows the guidelines of Google or Google Adsense. If the ad platform doesn’t follow the Google guidelines your Google Adsense account can be suspended even your Blog because your Blogging platform is owned by Google. If your Blog violates terms and conditions of Google than Google has right to suspend or delete your Blog, without notifying you.
So when should you use Blogger.com as your Blogging platform :
If you are a beginner and you don’t have any knowledge about blogging you should start with Blogger.com because it is free to use and it has good features.
If you wanted to earn some money through blogging but you don’t have money to invest in your blog. Blogger.com is the best choice for you.
If you wanted to share your life experience, stories etc. You can use Blogger.com as your blogging platform.
Disadvantages of blogger.com :
It has very limited features.
You don’t have full control over your blog.
It does not support plugins, Blogger has a feature which is called “Widgets”. Even these widgets are very basic.
It has very limited official themes.

Having a Blog in WordPress.org

To start blogging in wordpress.org. You need to Buy domain and web hosting because it is a self-hosting blogging platform. Storage, speed all major things depends upon your web hosting. It is very good blogging platform if you wanted to start a professional blog or site.
WordPress.org provides you various features like plugins, free themes etc. It also has SEO tools like jetpack by WordPress, Yoast SEO plugin which makes SEO easy for beginners as well as for professionals.
In wordpress.org you can use Google Adsense and other advertising platforms also (make sure you don’t break guidelines for these advertising platforms).
In wordpress.org you have full control over your blog/site, No one has rights to delete or suspend your blog.
So when should you use wordpress.org as your blogging platform :
If you have money to invest in your blog. You should start with wordpress.org because it provides you full control over your website.
If you wanted your blog /site on the best platform than wordpress.org is for you.
If you wanted to create a site for your shop example – electronic shopping website, clothing shopping website etc. wordpress.org is the best place for you too and it provides you full control over your site and it also allows you to use other advertising platforms in your website.
Disadvantages of wordpress.org :
If you are a beginner and you just started blogging. wordpress.org could be tough for you (but after spending some time in wordpress.org you will learn it)
You need to buy hosting every month to store your data (Cost depends upon your hosting provider).


There is no doubt wordpress.org is best blogging platform for anyone who wanted to start blogging. It provides various features and It also provides full control over the website, which is a most important thing.
If anyone wanted to start blogging to generate some income but don’t have money to start wordpress.org blog. He/She can use blogger because blogger provides you a way to make money through Google Adsense and its totally free blogging platform.
If anyone just wanted to create a personal blog with good features and well-designed layout. He/She can start blogging in wordpress.com. You can also create shopping site for your shop in wordpress.com. It provides various features and It is easy to use.
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