Why you should use Blogger for Blogging Not WordPress.Org and WordPress.com?

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Why should you use Blogger Not WordPress.Org
Why Should you use blogger Not WordPress.Org
Anyone who wanted to create a Blog wants a Best platform for his/her Blog. Some People have money to invest on their Blogs and Some does’t have so now what people do if they don’t have money to invest on their Blogs they simply search for best alternative which they can use. Most popular blogging platform is WordPress.Org so why people look for Blogger or other Platforms because to use WordPress.Org you have to Buy Hosting and Domain etc… which means you have to spend your money to start blogging that’s why people search for Blogger or other platform’s.

Now Question is Why should you use Blogger Not WordPress.Org ?

Their is no doubt WordPress.Org is fair better than Blogger.com but it is not free to use ,to use WordPress.Org you need Hosting for your Blog ,but in case of Blogger you don’t need anything. It is totally free to use.

If you don’t have Money to start your Blog in WordPress.Org than Blogger is for you.

Advantages of Using Blogger.com for your Blog :

  • It is free to use it comes with blogspot.com domain but you can also use custom domain.
  • It is very easy to use and it has very simple Interface.
  • Blogger is Google Product which means in future you can get lots of new features on it.
  • Blog Designing is one of the biggest problems for those who don’t know How to Code but in Blogger you will get lots of template’s ,you can easily change colors and Layout of these template’s.
  • Blogger is very popular and you will find out large number of Blogger.com communities on Internet or In Facebook ,Google+ ,Twitter ,Reddit ,YouTube etc.
  • In Blogger you don’t need to worry about SEO Blogger has very simple and few settings for SEO which means it do SEO automatically you don’t need to worry about SEO ,Your work is to write your best content for your blog.
  • Due to the large number of communities over internet you will find out lot’s of websites which provides you Templates for different types of Blogs like educational Blog template,Cooking Blog template ,Sports Blog template etc. even some Website’s Provide you support mean’s they will help you in editing your website design (They may take money for this).
  • You don’t need to worry about Hacking related problems because your site is in hands of Google they will take care of it.
  • Using Blogger Platform you can earn money (By showing Google Adsense Ads).

Advantages of blogger over WordPress.Org :

  • WordPress.Org is not free to use you need to Buy Hosting to start Blogging.
  • WordPress.Org gives you freedom to do anything on your Blog but due to this freedom security becomes an issue for your Blog means your Blog could be Hacked.

Advantages of Blogger over WordPress.com :

  • WordPress.com is also free but to earn money from it you need to upgrade your WordPress.com Blog.
  • WordPress.com has lots of feature but most of features are available when you will upgrade your Blog.
  • WordPress.com has Plans system which means higher the Plan you choose higher the features you will get ,it is very costly to start Blogging in WordPress.com.
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